Reklavizyon Agency Business, for trading (products and services) you want to do in and around Turkey , offers a safe way to you.

In an unfamiliar country, with quality and price variability, it removes the uncertainty of whether the producers can deliver the “desired product” on time.

Even if you have an agreement with a company, your rights, price, etc. checking variables as well, It protects your interests by comparing prices with different manufacturers when necessary.

We have 2 types of work according to your preference.

The first method is Project Management and Business Consultancy with a certain fee. Our Company is specialized in Project Management of Local Projects in Turkey which we can provide Business Consultancy with a certain Project fee.

    • Subcontract Private Label manufacturing

    • Collection Export Sales Payments

    • Tracking Liabilities and Legal Procedures

    • Liaison Office Management

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Real Estate and Asset Management

The second method is the working method that protects and observes your rights during the contract by assigning us as your representative.

Thanks to our long years of experience, our extensive network and business partnerships, we hope to be a team with you for many years to come.